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Disgraced Papa John’s Founder Basically Declares America The New Nazi Germany Now After The FBI Seized Mike Lindell’s Phone

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter was excised from the very business that bears his name back in 2018 after he was caught casually dropping the N-word in a leaked internal company call. Now he’s got another N-word on the brain: Nazi. More specifically: Nazi Germany, which he says is an apt description of what the United States has become at the moment. While he’s hardly the first person to make that comparison, he might be the first and only person whose reason for saying so is while coming to the defense of crack addict-turned-pillow-maker Mike Lindell.

As Mediaite reports, Schnatter was a guest on The PBD Podcast with Patrick Bet-David on Thursday, where he spoke about both pizza and politics. He should’ve stuck with the former, because he picked a mighty bizarre hill to die on when it came to his political views. The pizza man’s take is that between the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and Mike Lindell’s phone being seized at a Hardee’s (which will never not be funny), “We now have Nazi Germany.”

Come again?!

The way Schnatter sees it, “If you’re a conservative and believe in conservative principles and you’re outspoken, you’ve got the KGB.” When Bet-David pressed him on whether he really believed that, Schnatter made it clear that he was dead serious. Citing the AG, the FBI, and the IRS specifically, he stated that “the government is now an enemy of the freedoms of the people… If they attack Lindell, Trump, [Michael] Flynn, Papa John — if they attack us, sooner or later they’re going to attack every American that doesn’t believe in their ideology.”

Or maybe just those people who have stolen classified documents from the White House and spent years making baseless claims about the 2020 presidential election being compromised.

(Via Mediaite)