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Tom Cruise Is Probably Feeling A Little ‘Sheepish’ After A Strange Incident On The ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Set

Thanks to Top Gun: Maverick smashing box office records all summer long, we already know that audiences will flock to see Tom Cruise. Well, apparently, so will sheep. The set of the next installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise was reportedly interrupted by the woolly critters, which didn’t seem to bother Cruise who was in the middle of, you guessed it, jumping out of a plane like it’s no big thing. It’s his favorite.

Via Fox News:

The actor, 60, was seen admiring the large flock as he stood to the side to make way for the sheep passing through. Cruise was also captured mid-air attached to a blue parachute while filming a scene in the upcoming movie.

Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt in the film series, sported a black jumpsuit as he descended back down to the ground.

Since the start of the pandemic, Cruise has been filming in Europe for the back-to-back production of what could be his final two Mission: Impossible films. With COVID restrictions significantly loosened, Cruise has been having more and more interactions with the locals, animals and humans alike.

While shooting a mountain scene in England near the beginning of August, Cruise reportedly stumbled across a pair of hikers. The actor was “cool as a cucumber” as he apologized to the couple for all of the noise from the helicopters, complimented their dog, and then jumped off a freaking cliff with a paraglider as Tom Cruise does.

(Via Fox News)