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John Fetterman Had A Joke Ready When It Turned Out Dr. Oz Wasn’t The Only Republican Jersey-ite Running For Pennsylvania Office

For months, John Fetterman has relentlessly trolled Dr. Oz, his Pennsylvania Senate opponent, on many issues. But he’s frequently dwelled on one idea in particular: The former TV quack was, up until pretty recently, a Jersey boy. Now it turns out he’s not the only Republican candidate who’s spent most of his life voting in the Garden State.

As per New Jersey Globe, Doug Mastriano — the far-right MAGA gubernatorial candidate running against Doug Shapiro — was a registered voter in New Jersey up until (wait for it) July of 2021. That’s around the same time that Oz hightailed it from Jersey to Pennsylvania, then launched a surprising-to-many run as a Trumpian candidate.

Mastriano has been a registered Jersey voter since 1982, when he turned 18, and while he hasn’t voted in a primary election since 1985, he voted in most general elections up till 2010. Then he stopped voting. He was removed as an active voter last year after he sent a sample ballot back to election officials with a handwritten note, reading, “Return to sender. Moved to PA.”

When Mastriano’s voting record was made public, Fetterman had a joke at the ready: a meme photoshopping both Oz and Mastriano in front of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys.

While Oz has his faults (boy, does he), Mastriano is on another level. Mastriano was involved with the Jan. 6 protests, though he claims he did not storm the Capitol. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He’s against any form of abortion, including in cases of rape and incest or even to save the life of the mother. He’s suggested that he would only certify Pennsylvania’s presidential election results if a Republican candidate wins. He wants to slash public education, deport illegal immigrants to Wilmington, Delaware, and has ties to far-right extremists and militias. He doesn’t believe in climate change but does believe in pseudoscientific gay conversion therapy. A photo of him wearing a Confederate uniform was recently unearthed, and though he’s lagging in the polls, he could still be the governor of a swing state.

(Via New Jersey Globe)