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The Browns Blew A 13-Point Lead In The Final Two Minutes To Joe Flacco And The Jets

The New York Jets have been one of the NFL’s worst teams in recent years, going through a number of head coaches and quarterbacks in vain trying to find a winning formula.

A game into his second year, Robert Saleh was already sparring with the media, promising to keep receipts of those who doubted the Jets and wrote them off after a dismal effort in Week 1 against the Ravens. While they were more competitive in Week 2, it appeared they would once again fall short and be outmanned by the Browns in Cleveland, particularly after Nick Chubb ran in a touchdown to put the Browns up 13 with under two minutes to play and the Jets out of timeouts.

However, the Jets were starting Joe Flacco, who entered Sunday with a 17-3 lifetime record against Cleveland, spending much of his career torturing Browns fans while in Baltimore. With 90 seconds to play, the Browns decided not to cover Corey Davis, allowing a 76-yard touchdown to bring the Jets within six.

Still, New York needed an onside kick to have a chance, and with the current rules in place, those are exceedingly difficult to pull off. Unless you’re going against the Browns, that is, as the Jets executed a gorgeous onside kick, giving themselves sudden life in Cleveland.

New York marched it down the field, ultimately setting up a game-winning touchdown pass from Flacco to rookie Garrett Wilson, as the Ohio State product hauled in his second touchdown of the day in his return to Ohio.

It was as stunning a collapse as you’ll see in the NFL, as a two-touchdown advantage with 90 seconds to play and no timeouts is nearly (but not totally) impossible to pull off, as this stat shows.

What makes it even more insane is that it was the Jets of all teams that pulled it off, but what shouldn’t be a surprise is that the Browns managed to be the franchise to allow this to happen to them.