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New, Troubling Claims About Ezra Miller Have Emerged, Including That They Would Refer To Themselves As Jesus Or The Devil

Last month, following a lengthy period of disturbing behavior, Ezra Miller announced they were seeking help for what they described as “complex mental health issues.” They had been repeatedly arrested in Hawaii. They had been busted for theft. There had been claims that they had started a cult. That may all be behind them now, but a new Vanity Fair piece made public some more alarming claims about what they’d been up to.

The publication spoke to more than a dozen people who had either lived with or were still living at Miller’s secluded Vermont compound, which they call “The Mountain.” There, Miller lords over what was described as a “court harem” that was a kind of “patriarchal dictatorship” in which “Ezra controls all the sex as the man, and plays the women against each other, screams at them, belittles them in front of the others.”

During a trip to Iceland, Miller reportedly befriended a 55-year-old Native spiritual adviser named Jasper Young Bear, who would tell Miller they were “the next Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill [them].”

Those living at the Mountain claim that when Miller returned to the Mountain, he was prone to “grandiose speechifying.” They would refer to themselves as alternately Jesus or the devil, and they’ve hatched a bizarre narrative in which they and Tokata Iron Eyes, the 18-year-old non-binary person he’s alleged to have groomed, form a “union” that is “supposed to bring about the apocalypse.” What’s more, Miller has spoken about how the Flash, their DCEU character, is the Jesus of the DC’s multiverse.

There’s also reportedly lots of weapons and ammo, as well as an altar made of “bullets, weed, sage and Flash figurines.”

Speaking of the Flash, it was reportedly the role that got Miller to seek help. The notion that their role as Barry Allen was at risk was a wake-up call,” their rep told Vanity Fair. Indeed, as Miller’s antics filled the news, there was lots of speculation about how Warner Bros. Discovery would handle their $200 million Flash solo movie, which they stood by even as they buried another DC movie featuring Michael Keaton returning as Batman: Batgirl.

And yet Warner Bros. Discovery is sticking by The Flash and by their star, even reportedly offering plenty of NDAs in what three sources described as a “whack-a-mole style legal strategy of paying off alleged victims.” Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports about how seriously Miller is taking his treatment.

You can read the whole shocking Vanity Fair piece here.