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People Are Not Happy That Pat Sajak Posed For A Picture With, Of All People, Marjorie Taylor Greene

For some reason, a number of game show hosts lean libertarian. Alex Trebek identified as neither liberal nor conservative, but he quietly held some in the middle beliefs. Supermarket Sweep host and sweater fanatic David Ruprecht was once the executive director of the Libertarian Party of California. Then there’s Pat Sajak. The Wheel of Fortune host is more openly right-leaning, which is why it shouldn’t be all that surprising that he posed for a picture with no less than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It’s unclear where or when the photo was taken, or who first shared it, though among those who did was the rightwing extremist-monitoring account PatriotTakes. The pic features the Wheel of Fortune host sandwiched between Greene and Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) reporter Bryan Glenn. Sajak boasts a big smile and a slightly too-open button-down. Weirdly, all three are looking in different directions, with only Glenn locking eyes with the camera.

Given Greene’s prolific history of controversial antics — from trivializing the Holocaust to speaking at white nationalist events to attacking school shooting survivors — the picture was not well-taken on social media.

There were also a lot of jokes.

Meanwhile, Sajak presides over a show that has a long history of contestants who embarrass themselves.