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Nmixx Takes You To The Circus In Their New Music Video For ‘Dice’

NMIXX sure are mixing things up in K-pop. As one of the fresh faces to come out of the industry this year, the JYP Entertainment girl group offers a new perspective on the global phenomenon with their compulsive ways of blending in different tempos, genres, and arrangements in their music.

Following their debut with “O.O” earlier this year, Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin are back with their new lead single “Dice.” The seven-piece K-pop ensemble released their second single album ENTWURF on Monday, September 19 with their B-side “Cool (Your Rainbow).”

Just like the song’s concept of gambling into the unknown, the music video takes viewers on a trip to the circus which eventually leads to a fairytale-esque story once the switch up happens after the first chorus. (One can arguably say it’s giving Panic! At the Disco meets Alice In Wonderland, but with NMIXX as the main characters.)

Earlier this year, NMIXX made their debut with “O.O” that literally mixed pop, hip-hop, dance, and electronic music all in a span of three minutes and 33 seconds. The song — which became a hot topic between fans, critics, and netizens — represented what the group stood for: N for now, new, next, and unknown, like the math symbol, while “MIXX” means combination and diversity.