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Dana Perino Had ‘The Five’ Gang Dissolving In Laughter After Making A Saucy Joke About Inflation And ‘Inches’

The normally reserved Dana Perino left her The Five co-hosts practically rolling on the floor after landing a well-timed dick joke that Greg Gutfeld had bungled earlier in the show. It all started with the hosts tackling Joe Biden’s latest comments about inflation. The president told 60 Minutes that “inflation rate month-to-month was [up] just an inch, hardly at all.”

“When he said inflation is up just an inch, he was probably referring to a chart. Look, that’s just an inch. That’s just an inch,” Gutfield said while holding up a chart that showed a tiny suggestive uptick. However, the gag clearly didn’t land with co-hosts Perino and Jesse Watters. “I thought that was a brilliant joke, but screw all of you,” Gutfeld said.

As they bantered a bit more about inflation, Watters asked Gutfeld to hold up his chart again, and that’s when Perino surprisingly moved in for the kill. Her joke landed so hard that even she couldn’t stop laughing.

Via Mediaite:

“Hold it up again,” Watters said to Gutfeld, referring to his chart.

“It’s just an inch. You know, an inch matters,” Perino said while flashing a grin at the camera.

After a couple of seconds, the normally prim and proper Perino burst out laughing, along with her co-hosts.

Dana Perino,” Watters reacted.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, 5:09 pm, September 19!” Gutfeld exclaimed. “Count it!”

Perino, who has completely lost it at this point, ended the segment by laughingly saying, “God, this show is amazing.”

(Via Mediaite)