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A Pro-Trump Jan. 6 ‘Truth Rally’ At The Capitol Flopped So Hard It Was Upstaged By A Nearby Festival

It was supposed to be the “biggest J6 event to date,” claimed the far-right blog The Gateway Pundit, far bigger than the one that flopped this time last year. Over a year-and-a-half after violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building — and amidst a giant Department of Justice investigation — masses were expected to return to the scene of the crime, holding what was billed as a “Truth Rally.” The rally happened, but with one hitch: almost no one showed up.

As per The Daily Beast, the event, held on Capitol grounds, drew “a few dozen, at best.” Those that bothered to show up were, as reporter Zachary Petrizzo put it, were a “cornucopia of far-right groups with a variety of missions.” Many of them were part of the “People’s Convoy,” since rebranded as the “1776 Restoration Movement,” comprised of truckers who fill up highways and block exits, attempting to cripple cities but mostly proving a mere nuisance. At one point, they were foiled by a lone cyclist.

The event itself did not go off without a hitch. There were nearly as many counter-protesters as there were protesters, and they circled the attendees as they sat in lawn chairs, using bullhorns to chant things like, “Trump is a loser, a little baby loser.”

What’s more, the speakers were sometimes drowned out by a nearby Mexican festival, called Fiesta D.C., which was located less than a block away.

But how were the speakers? All over the place, according to Petrizzo, who said there was “confusion over whether to be proud of the events of Jan. 6, bill it as a set-up by the feds, or say rioters did nothing wrong.” One attendee from Texas claimed that the violence on Jan. 6 “didn’t happen.” When confronted with evidence that it sure did, she changed her tune, claiming, “It was a trap.”

(Via The Daily Beast)