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Leaked Audio Footage Revealed A Frontline Russian Soldier Branding Putin As A ‘F*ck Face’ Over The Abysmal Situation In Ukraine

As Putin’s war in Ukraine began, word began to spread about how ill-prepared the Russian army felt for a cause that they didn’t even want to fight. Audio footage of Russian Army officers revealed that they were incensed about the situation, and the situation has grown much worse with much of the army losing their lives to such a degree that no more willing soldiers could be found, even in prisons. Putin then stomped his foot and decided to mobilize 300,000 men into the war, and that’s even led to his regime handing draft papers to protesters upon their arrest. There’s a mass exodus out of Russia, but those soldiers on the frontlines are still feeling the pain.

Via the Daily Beast, Ukrainian intelligence intercepted a phone call (which they posted on Facebook) that reveals a frontlines soldier speaking to his lady partner about his frustrations and fears. Putin is threatening hefty prison sentences against Russian soldiers who choose not to continue fighting, and the soldier talked about the dire nature of what he’s enduring:

“I need to get wounded,” he quickly responds before going on to tell her his morale at the moment is “complete sh*t.”

“Earlier there was a joke that you’d leave here only wounded or dead. Now it’s not a f*cking joke,” he says.

He then goes on to inquire about “f*ck face” Putin’s speech to the nation, which he said he had heard had included some supposedly “comforting words.”

It’s not great over there, to say the very least. By late July, half of Russia’s army had reportedly died or sustained wounds that took them out of commission. Meanwhile, Putin’s waving nuclear threats around and claiming that he will soon annex many areas of Ukraine in a war with no end in sight.

(Via the Daily Beast)