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So Many Different Drum Kits Were Used At The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert, A Wild Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shows

Foo Fighters and company put on their second Taylor Hawkins tribute concert last night, and both yesterday’s Los Angeles event and the London show from earlier this month were massive. Last night’s show had a 53-song setlist with so many different artists taking the stage. There are a lot of moving parts involved with an event of this scale, which is wonderfully illustrated in a behind-the-scenes photo.

Ahead of yesterday’s show, longtime music photographer and Sea.Hear.Now Festival co-founder Danny Clinch shared a backstage photo of the London tribute concert, of Hawkins’ son Shane standing among a massive array of different drum kits used during the show. (While the photo is from the London concert, the LA event presumably had a similarly impressive setup.)

Clinch wrote in his post, “A moment with Shane Hawkins and the many drum kits ready to be swapped in and out at Wembley. Honored to be photographing again today at the legendary Forum In honor of Taylor Hawkins, and to see Shane crush it again.”

Previously, ahead of the London tribute event, Clinch shared the first band photo of Foo Fighters taken after Hawkins’ death. The pic naturally drew some emotional reactions from fans who saw it.