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Margot Robbie Revealed The Perks Of Being In A Movie With Taylor Swift

Being co-stars with Taylor Swift has its perks. In an interview with Capital UK, Margot Robbie discussed being in Amsterdam, director David O. Russell’s new film also starring Christian Bale and John David Washington (and pretty much everyone else you like), with the “All Too Well” singer. “I know Taylor already, so it wasn’t a fan girl moment,” she said. “It was more like a, yay, I get to work with another friend, this is so, so nice.”

Robbie called Swift a “real girls girl” and revealed the free merch she got from her:

“The album that was coming out around the time we were filming was [Folklore], and she gave me, I think it was like one of the vinyls of Folklore and like some merch and stuff like that. Honestly, when I took it home, it wasn’t my girlfriends that freaked out. It was my guy friends that were all like, ‘Can I please keep the Folklore shirt? Can I keep the Folklore hoodie?’”

Robbie ended up giving the gifts “to my guy friends because they were all so excited, and they were the way bigger T-Swift fans than my girlfriends.” Meanwhile, Swift’s Cats co-stars are still looking for anyone to take their “Me!” litter-boxes.

Amsterdam comes out on October 7.