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Trump Has Made Good On His Threat To Sue CNN, Furious That Commentators Have Called Him Mean Names

Last summer, Donald Trump threatened to sue CNN. Why not? Seems like he could probably use the scratch. The former president doesn’t always make good on his threats, but this time he has: As per Raw Story, Trump is seeking a whopping $475 million from the news network, which he accuses of defaming him by allowing guests to call him mean names.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Florida on Monday, claims tha “beyond simply highlighting any negative information about the Plaintiff and ignoring all positive information about him, CNN has sought to use its massive influence — purportedly as a “trusted” news source — to defame the Plaintiff in the minds of its viewers.”

Some of those “defamatory” and definitely not accurate things Trump says he’s been called include “‘racist,’ ‘Russian lackey,’ ‘insurrectionist,’ and ultimately ‘Hitler.’”

The suit seeks to save Trump’s honest name and “to vindicate his reputation as a dedicated public servant and to establish CNN’s liability for the harm it has caused to his reputation by the false, defamatory, and inflammatory mischaracterizations of him.”

As it happens, the lawsuit comes shortly after Trump was torched by many for calling Mitch McConnell’s wife — and former Trump administration employee — Elaine Chao “Coco Chow.” It sounds like this one’s gonna sail through the court system.

(Via Raw Story)