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Bill O’Reilly Hopes Trump ‘Disappears’ Before The Midterm Elections Because Independent Voters Are So Disgusted By Him

Finally, Bill O’Reilly said something that the left can get on board with: He hopes that Donald Trump “disappears” before the midterm elections. Unfortunately, O’Reilly’s reason for wanting his “History Tour” pal/punching bag to go away is probably completely different from your own.

As Raw Story reports, O’Reilly chatted with conservative host Charlie Kirk on Monday to discuss the upcoming midterms, and how Trump could best serve his fellow Republicans. The former Fox News host was pretty decisive in his answer: “I hope he disappears,” he said, “because it doesn’t do Republicans any good to have Donald Trump around the midterm elections.”

One could argue that it’s doesn’t do any good to have Trump around any elections, but that’s not the point O’Reilly was trying to make. If the no-spin maestro were to predict how the midterms will play out, he sees the “bogus” January 6th Committee releasing their findings just weeks before November 8th.

“It’s the independent [voters] that always make the difference now,” O’Reilly said. “A lot of them don’t like Trump. And the more Trump is in the news cycle, the less the Biden administration [and] Democratic Party’s failures are focused on. So, if I were Trump, I’d, you know, be down in Honduras or something and take a couple of weeks. Get out of the cycle!”

Someone may want to check whether Honduras is on Trump’s list of sh*thole countries before booking that flight.

You can listen to the full conversation here.

(Via Raw Story)