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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Gives ’28 Reasons’ To Love Her Dark Side In Her Solo Debut

Nearly a month since the announcement of her long-awaited, much-anticipated solo debut, and one of the major K-pop releases of the month, Seulgi drops her first EP and single “28 Reasons.”

Just like the first trailer to her solo debut, Seulgi channels her artistic side in the music video. As a film enthusiast who enjoys cryptic and horror-themed movies, the Red Velvet member goes beyond the “velvet” (dark and mature) image but remains parallel to characters she’s played in past music videos. (Think of it as the same lane as her sub-unit with fellow member Irene and their song “Monster.”)

The debut single dives into the psyche of being someone who embodies the toxic side of love. Seulgi’s alter-ego enjoys playing both good and evil throughout the pop dance track: “I will show you heaven/I’m not the devil/Hate me as you want I don’t care/The more you break the more you’ll want me/I swear I need you, my desires are growing/I’m playing with you like a kid/Hovering like your shadow and whispering to you/I’m your light and your darkness….”

“28 Reasons” was majorly produced by SM Entertainment’s in-house producer Yoo Young Jin, while it was co-written by Jeon Jieun, January 8th (lalala studio), and Cho Yunkyung. The EP of the same name consists of six tracks including a song featuring rapper BE’O (“Bad Boy, Sad Girl”).

Find the full tracklist for 28 Reasons below.
1. “28 Reasons”
2. “Dead Man Runnin’”
3. “Bad Boy, Sad Girl (Featuring BE’O)”
4. “Anywhere But Home”
5. “Los Angeles”
6. “Crown”