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Trump Wants To Sue The Jan. 6 Committee For Not Investigating Voter Fraud Claims His Own Team Debunked

Donald Trump never does things by half-measures. On Monday, he made good on a threat he dropped over the summer, filing a lawsuit against CNN for, essentially, allowing commentators to say mean things about him. Actually going through with something may have emboldened him, as he said that lawsuit was only the beginning, that he’d be doing the same to other outlets. And what the hell? He might go and sue the Jan. 6 committee, too.

What did the House committee investigating the Capitol riot ever do to him? (Other than issue one shocking revelation about him and his cronies after another.) His possible lawsuit with what he of course called the “Unselect Committee” would accuse them of having “REFUSED to investigate the massive Presidential Election Fraud which took place,” instead turning on “the people and Patriots who complained and asked questions about it.”

Much as Trump has any hopes of winning his CNN lawsuit, this one, should it happen, seems even more hopeless. The committee has explored some of the voter fraud claims. It just found that his own staffers didn’t buy them either. In their hearings, they showed many in his circle couldn’t find any proof of the election being stolen, with his own attorney general, William Barr, calling BS on it all, which no less than his own daughter said was accurate.

To this date, no one, least of all Trump (and definitely not the MyPillow Guy), has offered any hard evidence of widespread voter fraud. But they probably know all their die-hard supporters need to hear is him asserting it happened.

(Via Raw Story)