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Mike Pence Reportedly Agreed With A Trump Lawyer That Rudy Giuliani Was A ‘F*cking Asshole’

There’s yet another new Trump tell-all, but this one has been spewing out more goodies than most. Confidence Man, from The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, has so far yielded dirt that’s more unflattering than damning. Most of the excerpts leaked before its release have been about Trump, but there’s a couple bits about Rudy Giuliani in there, too, including one about some really smelly poo. Another finds the vice president agreeing with one person’s unkind summation of the erstwhile “America’s Mayor.”

As per Insider, Haberman caught wind of a phonecall between Giuliani and then-Trump lawyer Justin Clark, who was with Trump and Mike Pence, after the 2020 election, during one of the recounts that were held in some states. Giuliani was not happy.

“No it’s all wrong,” Giuliani reportedly claimed. “We should stop the recount immediately.” Clark held steadfast, saying “is what it is.”

That made Giuliani flip out. “You’re lying to the president,” he yelled — to which Clark replied, “You’re a f*cking asshole.”

Trump himself then hung up the phone and ordered Clark to call Giuliani back and “make up.” But first Clark apologized to Pence, partly for cussing. But Pence was fine with it.

“There’s no reason to apologize when it’s the truth,” Pence reportedly told Clark.

While Clark supposedly apologized to the guy responsible for the Four Seasons and wine lady witness debacles, the next day Trump went and rewarding him, handing him the reins for the legal efforts to overturn the election. And the rest is history (i.e., they found nothing but continue to this day to assert the election was stolen anyway, all while Giuliani’s reputation and livelihood were destroyed). Clark, meanwhile, has gone and testified to the blockbuster Jan. 6 committee.

(Via Insider)