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An Amazing Photo Of Ron DeSantis Looking Like A Pouty Sad Boi As Biden Yucks It Up With An Extremely Florida Man Has Naturally Birthed Memes And Jokes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can’t be thrilled with the way that his week’s been going. First, he trotted out to survey Hurricane Ian damage, and god only knows what he was thinking while getting dressed (for what was obviously a photo op) because the public dragged him for wearing pristine white boots that looked like they came out of Nancy Sinatra’s costume closet. This distraction (and interruption from actual rescue work) does nothing to help DeSantis (who’s running for reelection and will probably win against Dem. Rep. Charlie Crist) in his obvious quest to eventually run for president. And now, he’s looking humiliated while residents of his own state flocked to Joe Biden and DeSantis slunk by like a pouty emo in the wrong outfit.

DeSantis couldn’t have been thrilled (and right-wing conspiracy theorists would probably agree) for a few reasons: (1) He was in close proximity to the so-called Dark Brandon; (2) A photo captured him looking extremely irritated while Florida residents looked as though they were fawning over Biden. This second aspect proved to be especially telling, given that a Very Florida Man (with a Cracker/Endangered Species t-shirt and everything) was involved and looked thrilled to be talking to the Democratic president.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci captured the goods.

Yes, Joe Biden simply showed up to do what presidents do, and this happened.

Soon enough, some “Hello darkness my old friend” remarks surfaced, along with mention that “Florida man has ghosted him for Dark Brandon.” This went down on DeSantis’ home turf, which couldn’t have been fun for him.

That wasn’t all, though. Soon enough memes, including Chad vs. Virgin, surfaced.

Is it time to head to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis? Too soon.