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Kevin Smith Won’t Be Directing A Marvel Movie Anytime Soon Because Of The ‘Rabid’ Fanbase

We all know that Kevin Smith is a huge superhero buff, as noted by his daughter who was literally named after Harley Quinn. Smith has not only attempted to direct various superhero-adjacent movies, like an ill-fated Ben Affleck-led Superman movie, but he has also worked on various episodes of Supergirl and The Flash. The main point here is that this man knows comic book stuff. Which is why when he says he doesn’t want to direct a franchise movie, he really means it!

In a new interview with The Guardian, Smith explains that while he has a lot of love for Marvel and Star Wars properties, he would never direct an installment. “It’s a fool’s errand–you’re going to piss somebody off. Fandom is rabid and tribal. When I worked on Masters of the Universe, I took a lot of heat from people who felt like I had ruined their childhood. Going near a Marvel or a Star Wars would make me insanely reticent,” Smith explained. “They’ve got a billion people to make those movies, but nobody’s making Kevin Smith movies, so I might as well make them.” That’s true, not even Kevin Smith makes Kevin Smith movies sometimes!

Smith also admitted that he is better at writing and creating than actually translating them to screen. “I’m a way better talker than filmmaker. I would stop making films, but then I’d have nothing to recount,” he says. “Ironically, I make more money standing on stage talking about making movies than I do from actually making movies. I’ve backed into standup comedy, thanks to film-making. It’s like the universe is telling me: your movies are cute, but you’re best at talking.” Though he won’t be the next person to direct a Thor movie, at least he’s selling a ton of DVDs.

So we probably won’t get an MCU Smith crossover at any point in the near future. As far as DC is concerned…it doesn’t seem like Smith will be making a Batman movie anytime soon, either.

(Via The Guardian)