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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Savaged Dr. Oz For Dead Dogs And Herschel Walker For Raising Money But Not Kids

It was a big week for chaotic MAGA Senate campaigns. A report revealed that experiments launched by Dr. Mehmet Oz, running in Pennsylvania, led to the deaths of hundreds of dogs. After that news broke, Herschel Walker, running in Georgia, said, “Hold my beer”: A woman told The Daily Beast that the former footballer had once paid for her abortion. There was no way both bombshells wouldn’t make the cut on this week’s SNL‘s Weekend Update.

“Is it just me or are some candidates trying to lose?” co-host Colin Jost cracked at the segment’s opening, before tackling the former TV quack first. “Scientific studies published by Dr. Oz revealed that his experiments killed over 300 dogs. But eventually he got the recipe right,” he joked aside an image of a fake cookbook with the title, “Dr. Oz’s Organic Meatballs.”

But Jost wasn’t done. After a wood chipper joke, he got in one more, saying, “But don’t worry: Dr. Oz won everybody back last night when he gave a speech in front of Hitler’s car,” alluding to an event that seriously happened. “Worse, he then got into the car and backed over a dog.”

Then it was Walker’s turn. “After news broke that Walker paid for his ex-girlfriend’s abortion, he raised more than $500,000,” Che said, adding, “because dollars are the only thing Walker is willing to raise.”

Jost later returned to Walker when discussing the news that Planned Parenthood was launching mobile clinics in the wake of encroaching draconian abortion laws across the country, saying they “will make it easier to provide care to patients anywhere in the country that Herschel Walker has visited.”

The twosome also tackled Ron DeSantis, who became a social media laughing stock after images of him wearing high white boots circulated. Jost, after referring to him as a “Dallas Cowboys cheerleader,” discussed how the Florida governor explained away the number of residents who didn’t evacuate before Hurricane Ian, joking, “Some people just don’t want to leave their homes, which is why sometimes you have to trick them onto a plane to Martha’s Vineyard.’”

Che and Jost also tackled Joe Biden’s most recent gaffe, Kanye going on Tucker Carlson, Scooby Doo’s Velma coming out as a lesbian, and National Coffee with a Cop Day on Wednesday, with Che saying, “Something tells me cops like their coffee black with a couple of shots in them.”

You can watch the segments in the videos above and below.