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Crush Released An Apology After Alleged Discriminating Actions At A Festival

As anti-Semitic remarks are being made in Hollywood, the issue of racism and discrimination arises on the other side of the globe.

Korean R&B singer Crush is currently placed in the hot seat after accusations of skipping high-fiving two roommates, who identify as Black fans, in the audience during his set at the 2022 SOMEDAY PLEROMA Festival on Sunday evening. An interaction of the clip is currently setting Twitter ablaze with frustrated and angry fans, calling the actions from the “Rush Hour” singer intentional against fans of a darker complexion. Some even brought up the crooner’s “Black face” incident from the past as well.

Earlier today, Crush broke his silence after the viral clip and updated his Instagram with a post in English, and a translated statement in Korean in its caption:

“Hi everyone,

I just wanted to address the issue revolving around the audience interaction from my performance last night at the “2022 SOMEDAY PLEROMA” festival.

I’ve been away for roughly two years and being able to perform on stage with my dearest fans in the audience was such an unforgettable and long-awaited experience, so I naturally and instinctively walked towards and reached down to the crowd.

To avoid further misunderstanding, I would like to explain that I had to refrain from giving out high-fives with the fans in particular sections as a safety precaution – fans were getting too close to the fences holding up the audience section and I saw that those in the front row were getting pushed against the fence, so I made a quick judgement not to approach for the safety of my fans.

I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding that my actions may have caused. I love each and every one of my fans and I would never discriminate nor favor anyone.”

The original video, shared by one of the roommates, featured the K-R&B singer extending his hands for high-fives in the audience and allegedly skipping them and their roommate during his performance of “Don’t Forget.” Fans, followers and those who are aware of the trending issue are calling out the singer to be held accountable for his actions that fans will definitely never forget.