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Davante Adams Shoved A Camera Guy In Frustration After He Got Taken Out By A Teammate On 4th And 1 To Lose

The Raiders jumped out to a 17-0 lead in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead on Monday night and it seemed like they might finally be emerging from their early season woes, thanks in large part to Derek Carr and Davante Adams hooking up twice for TDs.

Their first came in the first quarter on a 4th-and-1 where they caught the Chiefs by surprise with a bomb down the field, with Adams roasting his defender in one-on-one with no safety on the back end.

As the Chiefs often do, they charged back behind four touchdown passes from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce and took a 30-23 lead early in the fourth quarter. It was then that Adams got over the top again, this time splitting a double team for a touchdown on a gorgeous ball from Carr for what appeared to be the tying score.

However, the Raiders went for two and Josh Jacobs got stuffed at the goal line on a dive, leaving Vegas trailing by one. Their defense did succeed in getting a stop and the Raiders were able to go from inside their 10 out near midfield with relative quickness, before their drive stalled in part because a rare Adams bobble on a third down pass caused a catch to get overturned and force the Raiders into another fourth down.

Once again, they tried to uncork a deep ball to Adams, who had a step on his defender and might’ve had a shot at the ball (or at least a DPI) if not for his teammate Hunter Renfrow running through him on his route.

Adams was heated on the sideline after, slamming his helmet and sitting off to the side, stewing about what should’ve been another big play to set up a win.

As he left the field, a camera man walked in front of him and got the full brunt of Adams’ frustration, as the star receiver shoved him to the ground before walking off into the tunnel.

It was a fairly out of character moment for Adams, who apologized in his postgame comments but will still likely getting hit with a fine from the Raiders and/or the NFL.

Frustration in that moment is understandable, but that’s still not an excuse to two-hand shove a guy to the ground simply for walking by you.