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Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Owes The Families Of Sandy Hook Victims $965 Million After A Landmark Trial In Connecticut

Alex Jones will finally have to pay for his “insanity.” Literally.

A Connecticut jury has ruled that the conspiracy theorist owes $965 million for spewing lies about the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting that killed 20 students and six faculty members. The money will be distributed among the families of eight young victims, as well as an FBI agent first responder. “The verdict is the second big judgment against the Infowars host over his relentless promotion of the lie that the 2012 massacre never happened,” the Associated Press reports, “and that the grieving families seen in news coverage were actors hired as part of a plot to take away people’s guns.”

The weeks-long trial came to an end after three days of deliberation from the jury.

The trial was marked by weeks of anguished testimony from the families, who filled the gallery each day and took turns recounting how Jones’ lies about Sandy Hook compounded their grief. An FBI agent who responded to the shooting is also a plaintiff in the case. Jones, who has since acknowledged that the shooting occurred, also testified and briefly threw the trial into chaos as he railed against his “liberal” critics and refused to apologize to the families.

Jones took the news… about how you would expect:

Jones was previously ordered to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages by a jury in Texas, bringing the grand total of damages to over $1 billion. It’s still not enough. It’ll never be enough for the hell he puts those families through.

(Via the AP)