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Daemon Targaryen Haircuts, Ranked

House of the Dragon’s Daemon Targaryen is a tall, blonde weirdo, and a man of many haircuts. He’s usually up to no good, but at least when he’s up to no good (murdering his wife, seducing his niece) his hair looks good. Daemon’s hair defines his personality and his emotions.

Throughout the first season of the series, Daemon Targaryen, Bleach King, Mr. Haircut, Lords of the Sheers, and Protector of the Salon has had several hair journeys. Essentially, the only thing the clever time jumps on House of the Dragon have taken from us are Daemon hair transformation scenes. In the first seven episodes alone, Daemon has gone from long hair to short hair to shoulder-length hair. Sometimes it is sleek and straight, sometimes it is wavy and messy, but it is always as emotional as Daemon is.

Here, we ranked all of Daemon’s haircuts and styles for your reading/viewing pleasure.

7. Episode 1, The Heirs of The Dragon


When we first meet the incestual mystery that is Daemon Targaryen in the series premiere, his hair is regal. It’s smooth and sleek, and Daemon keeps his long white blonde hair out of his face with a little halfway updo. This is exactly how I wore my hair when I was a child. His hair is long, falling all the way to his chest, only several inches away from being horse girl hair.

6. Episode 5, “We Light the Way”


Daemon’s emo phase from episode four (more on that if you keep reading I beg you) didn’t last very long. By episode five, where he makes a big entrance at the feast to kick off Rhaenerya’s wedding festivities, he’s sick of hair getting in his face. Since his hair is still too short to wear his signature updo, he combs it back. Daemon Targaryen can do better than this.

5. Episode 2, “The Rogue Prince”

dragon house

Daemon’s hairstyle remains about the same as it did in episode one, but it looks even better. Outside of the wretched King’s Landing, his hair texture is thriving.

4. Episode 6, “The Princess and the Queen”


Daemon grew out of his emo phase and as such, let his hair grow out. He’s back to wearing his signature halfway updo, but his moisturized, straight hair falls just past the shoulders now. Cute!

3. Episode 7, “Driftmark”


Although it was nearly impossible to see, Daemon’s hair in episode seven is the same as it was in episode six: the shoulder-length cut is worn halfway up. But the combination of the salty air at Driftmark and being in the presence of his niece and one true love (which is very gross no matter how hot Matt Smith is) gives Daemon’s hair more body and more shine than it’s ever had.

2. Episode 3, “Second of His Name”

Daemon Tagaryen HotD

In between episodes, Daemon may have gotten a trim but he definitely lost a hairbrush, which is a good thing. Fresh off riding his dragon, Daemon has beach hair: crunchy, low-effort waves created by the salty water and air. Every summer I try to achieve this look with sea salt spray. My version will never be as good as this.

1. Episode 4, “King of the Narrow Sea”

house dragon

While we were going about our lives in between House of the Dragon episodes, Mr. Haircut over here walked into a Westerosi hair salon grasping a picture of a Young Leonardo DiCaprio. Daemon’s 90s heartthrob look works for him because it makes him more alluring and more menacing at the same time. Daemon lets his hair get into his face, indicating that he is counting down the days to the new Paramore album.

Bonus: The Hood

Daemon targaryen HotD

The hood hides Daemon Targaryen’s haircut, but it is, nonetheless, essential to the aesthetic of the prince’s head because whenever Daemon is up to no good (committing crimes such as murder, taking his niece out to finger bang her), he wears his menacing little crime hood.