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Elon Musk’s New Perfume Sounds Absolutely Disgusting But He Claims (?) That It’s Flying Off Shelves

Back in the old days (before 2010), when you thought of the word “musk,” you would likely be reminded of a woodsy perfume that might be sold at a Macy’s department store counter. But when most people hear the word musk now, they think of Elon Musk. And that’s a horrible evolution of linguistics, but it is what it is.

Musk seems to know this, and he wanted to get in on the joke by entering the perfume business. Only he decided that his first offering would be a scent titled Burnt Hair (!?) that goes for $100 a pop. In terms of perfume, that’s actually not too bad! The bad part is that people allegedly bought a lot of it.

Burnt Hair went on sale yesterday, with very appealing notes of singed hair, probably (there is no actual description, just a link to spend $100). The bottles are expected to be shipped out in early 2023 (if they exist). The website boasts that you will “stand out in a crowd!” and “get noticed while walking through an airport!” which sounds like a nightmare, but maybe that’s Musk’s dream since he loves crowds so much.

The billionaire/wannabe fragrance tycoon announced on Twitter that he had sold $1 million worth of his singed hair scent. Of course, he has no way to prove this (yet) but he sure is having fun with the concept. He also described the scent as an “omnigender product,” but that could mean anything to him, a person who does not believe in pronouns.

As of right now, the link to purchase Burnt Hair from the billionaire is still up if you feel inclined to spend. Or you can just use a hair straightener from CVS on damp hair and reach the same effect.

(Via Reuters)