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‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Brett Gelman To Want To Become An Action Movie Star

Brett Gelman has a fascinating career.

The actor and comedian had small-but-essential roles on three of the most acclaimed television shows of the past 20 years in Mad Men, Fleabag, and Twin Peaks: The Return. Eagleheart, which he starred on with Chris Elliott and Maria Thayer, is an underrated Adult Swim gem. His Dinner with Friends specials are extremely funny, and he showed off his acting chops in the darkly funny Lemon, which he also co-wrote.

And now Gelman is on the Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things, which inspired him for the next phase of his career: action star.

“I want to do that,” he told the Guardian about pulling a Bob Odenkirk. “I’m meeting with people about that. One of the things that I love about Stranger Things is that it harkens back to a cinema that I really love. For a long time, I always saw myself as the villain. But the show really opened up the possibility of being the hero for me. I would really like to be that fun action star. It is definitely something I am focused on doing right now.”

Gelman also shared some one of the benefits of being on a popular show. “Hey, I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s nice being able to get into restaurants easier,” he said. “And I love the fans, I love that they’re moved by it, and it makes them feel good.” But mostly the restaurant thing.

(Via the Guardian)