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Washington State’s Mouhamed Gueye Jumped Over A Teammate For An Absurd Dunk In Practice

We are 22 years removed from Vince Carter authoring the greatest in-game dunk of all time when he jumped clear over 7’2 Frederic Weis during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Carter’s dunk remains the gold standard for posterizations, as the “jumping over someone” genre of dunking typically is reserved for dunk contests. Every once in awhile, someone will do their best Vince impression on the court, albeit never over a 7’2 opponent, but it’s still always wildly impressive when it happens.

On Wednesday night, we got a Carter-esque moment courtesy of Mouhamed Gueye, a 19-year-old 7-footer from Washington State, who got a lane to the rim in practice and jumped clear over a teammate who arrived late trying to take a charge, providing one of the cleanest leaps you’ll see, as he doesn’t even lay a hand on the guy he jumps over.

It’s not Vince Carter, but it’s still an unbelievable display of athleticism — much less from a 7-footer. The best part is his teammate’s reaction, as he spins around and falls to the ground, staring at Gueye like “what the hell did you just do?” That poor guy should have some beef with the video department for sending this out to Givony, but hard to blame them for wanting this dunk to get the shine it deserves on the internet.