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Matty Healy Recalled The 1975’s Attempts To Intervene With His Heroin Addiction: ‘It’s Not You At Your Best’

In support of The 1975’s new album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language, lead singer Matty Healy appeared on Apple Music’s The Zane Lowe Show for an interview out this week (as Rolling Stone notes). While discussing the band’s trajectory for crafting this record (which is out today), Healy also opened up about his experience struggling with a heroin addiction — before the fellow members intervened.

Healy described his heroin use as a solo thing, saying it was “the first time where there had been anything that one of us was doing, or was into, that the others weren’t.” he continued, “It was the first time I had to tell them something. It was the first time that the idea of a secret existing even came out. It’s almost as if, well, is there anything else that we’ve not known? Because that’s a big thing.”

He went on to note that it was in 2018, tied to The 1975’s album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, that the rest of the band (and his friends) stepped in. “No, you need to respect my drug addiction,” Healy claims was his response to the intervention.

“I’d not lost anything. I’d nearly lost the respect of everybody I loved, but I hadn’t,” he explained. “Hadn’t lost my career. Hadn’t lost my possessions. Hadn’t lost my money. I was just walking a very, very thin line. I think that I was lucky enough in my condition in the way that I am as a person to recognize that what needed to be done needed to be done.”

Being Funny In A Foreign Language is out now via Dirty Hit. Buy/stream it here.