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Bray Wyatt Debuted A ‘Genuine Version Of Himself’ On WWE Smackdown

Bray Wyatt returned to live television for the first time since his appearance at the conclusion of WWE Extreme Rules over the weekend, debuting new entrance music and walking to the ring holding his customary lamp on his way to the ring.

Once in the ring, the crowd chanted welcome back and gave him a superstar’s return.

Wyatt was emotional in the ring, speaking for the first time as a genuine version of himself. He spoke of struggles in recent years and said over the last year he lost a lot of things: his career, self-confidence, two people very close to him, and he lost his way.

He continued that he thought everything he’d done was meaningless. He talked about speaking with fans who told him he’d saved their lives. Wyatt said to all the fans that they were there for him when he was weak and vulnerable and they saved his life.

In the middle of his promo, a video played on the screen with a masked man saying that “life is done, forget the future and the past, life is over, you’ve got no idea who you’re dealing with, but you will.”

After that Smackdown went off the air, setting up the long game for what incarnation of Wyatt will show up next in WWE.