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‘House Of The Dragon’ Aegon Actor Tom Glynn-Carney Is Very Aware Of All Of Those King Joffrey Comparisons

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

Practically from the moment that Aegon Targaryen II surfaced in House of the Dragon, viewers declared that they’d found the worst character (and people made Joffrey Baratheon comparisons) on the show. He taunted the other youths, arguably even inspiring Aemond’s villain origin story with a pig before Aemond had enough and claimed his own unit of a dragon and began to idolize Daemon, to the point where their comical resemblance became the best part of an already stellar episode.

Aegon is awful, though, not only because he treats women terribly (as do Ser Criston and Larys Strong) but because he’s a literal rapist. In addition, he jerked off in a window that looked awfully familiar to Game of Thrones fans, and he’s generally a sloth who’s fated to be a terrible king. That last part isn’t his fault, given that Aegon was aware that his father didn’t want him to rule, but Aegon sure got with the program once he received a whiff of adoration from the crowd at his coronation. This didn’t last too long, given that Rhaenys made her dragon-thunderous entrance, but Aegon is king, and we’ll see if he turns out to be as horrific as Joffrey or not.

Well, actor Tom Glynn-Carney (who took over after Ty Tennant portrayed a younger Aegon) is here to say that he’s aware of those comparison. In fact, they were part of the plan during production. Via Hollywood Reporter:

“Ryan and Miguel said if we could make any comparisons to [Thrones characters], that he’s the closest to Joffrey,” Glynn-Carney says. “However, he is not an out-and-out psychopath. He’s much more complex. His decisions are due to insecurities and confusion and rage. He’s just bitterly confused and mentally unwell.

“As much of a nightmare as Aegon is and how he plays against any form of rules and discipline, he’s pretty defenseless,” Glynn-Carney says. “He’s so reliant on alcohol that he’s a confused, tangled mess of a man who doesn’t yet know himself. He’s incapable of making decisions that aid him. His entire life, he’s relied on people around him to make sure he’s doing the right thing. But he makes awful decisions, and now those decisions are going to be made on a mass scale.”

Civil war has truly begun in Westeros with an interesting beginning for the Hightowers, given that Aegon cowered behind his mother when Rhaenys burst into the coronation ceremony atop her dragon, Meleys. Unfortunately for humanity (remember, Aemond does have Vhagar), Rhaenys chose not to torch Aegon then and there, although that had to be the way to go. We do, after all, need more seasons of this spinoff. Let’s hope, though, that Glynn-Carney isn’t inspired to quit acting after this role, unlike Jack Gleeson, who portrayed Joffrey.

HBO’s House of the Dragon airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)