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People Are Having A Field Day With King Charles Jokes After A British Prime Minister’s Record-Breaking Resignation (44 Days!)

Today, Netflix had impeccable (although unintentional) timing with the release of their The Crown trailer. That promotional tidbit arrives on the same day that news broke of conservative British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigning a mere 44 days after she began the gig. Yes, the Daily Star‘s lettuce head lasted longer. Of course, this isn’t a direct reflection of King Charles III’s time on the job, but it surely doesn’t help that he recently began his own tenure and hasn’t exactly been setting bystander enthusiasm on fire while pushily gesturing for someone to clean off his desk and such.

The few interactions between Charles and Liz Truss haven’t been so dynamic, either. A week or so ago, People took notice of a choice ITV video in which Charles muttered, “Dear oh dear.” He was reacting in some way to seeing Liz again, and of course, assumptions swirled that he was displeased at her presence. In actuality, he was probably reflecting upon how their first meeting (sadly) involved the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but still, his reception could be seen as icy.

In any event, it’s not an overstatement to say that Great Britain is swirling in real-life economic and political chaos. Meanwhile, Charles has been all obsessed and angry about how the new The Crown season shows him allegedly growing very upset about having to wait for the throne (three decades before he actually took the throne). And of course, we’ve already seen the show’s portrayal of how he threw fits over attention paid to Princess Diana, but now, we’ll see him kissing Camilla and firecrackers and all that.

So it’s safe to say that Charles is not having a great week, not only with his reign kicking off during a period of turmoil but with coverage of a streaming show dragging him into oblivion. And it’s a prime time for jokes about Charles being a big stuck boat and possibly exclaiming, “I can’t believe I waited my whole life for this sh*t.” Also, the “Dear, oh dear” may have been slightly before its time. Yet will Charles follow in the footsteps of his King Charles predecessors and dissolve Parliament?

Whatever the case, Liz Truss broke a PM resignation record, and Charles looks to be on track to hold audiences with more Prime Ministers than Elizabeth did.

If you haven’t had enough yet, just wait until The Crown returns on November 9.