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Thom Yorke Wants To ‘Bring Down This UK Government’ After The Prime Minister’s Resignation

Many musicians are reacting to the resignation of British prime minister, Liz Truss, who spent only 44 days in office. One of them is the frontman of Radiohead and The Smile, Thom Yorke, who used the lyrics of his own song, “No Surprises,” from his classic album OK Computer, to convey frustration.

“bring down this UK government, they do not speak for us, right the f*ck now,” the singer wrote on Twitter. “they have no authority, no mandate, no clue, cats in a bag tearing themselves to pieces while the country suffers in extreme distress. enough of this sh*t. shame on them. #GeneralElection2022”

Yorke has never been afraid to speak up about what bothers him. In a 2016 interview, he complained about feeling pressured to find new, unorthodox music release strategies because it was what Radiohead had been known for: “Whatever. Enough of that now I’ve entirely had enough of that,” he said. “Just put it out, man, no more fuss, just put it out. I’m getting too old for that bit. It takes away from things a bit, it is sometimes frustrating. […] The energy of trying to figure out how to do it differently and circumvent the monsters … Whatever, whatever.”