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Lana Del Rey Fans Hoped There Would Be More To Her Surprisingly Minimal Appearance On Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’

The wait for Midnights, Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, is over, but the wait for a true Lana Del Rey and Swift collaborative track unexpectedly rages on. Swift revealed Del Rey as the album’s lone featured artist during her “Midnights Mayhem With Me” series earlier this month, so expectations were high for “Snow On The Beach.”

The swirling song is ethereal, and Del Rey’s contributions are ephemeral. Fans were expected a full-blown Del Rey verse. Instead, they fewer than 20 interspersed words uttered by Del Rey, echoing Swift as an almost harmonized whisper. The clearer vocalization from Del Rey comes in the simplistic and repetitive post-chorus, “Like snow on the beach.”

Swift praised Del Rey, in part, as “the most influential artist in pop” in December 2019, so maybe she thought subtle contributions from Del Rey were enough to elevate a song. And she wouldn’t be wrong for believing that. Fans aren’t satisfied, though they should still take solace in Swift describing snow at the beach as “weird, but f*cking beautiful” and All Too Well: The Short Film star Dylan O’Brien drumming on the track alongside Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote “Snow On The Beach” with Del Rey and Swift.

See a sampling of the hilariously unhinged reactions below.