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Taylor Swift Envisioned Her Cat-Filled Final Days In The ‘Anti-Hero’ Video And Swifties Think It’s Hilarious

Happy Midnights release day to all those who celebrate! As a present, Taylor Swift treated fans to the music video for “Anti-Hero” — the first of what appears to be many, as her tenth studio album will be a visual one. Matching the themes of feeling out of place and misunderstood by those around you, Swift references everything from Alice In Wonderland to (potentially) 30 Rock as she finds the best company in… other iterations of herself.

The most comedic part of the “Anti-Hero” video comes during Swift’s bridge, where she lyrically describes her daughter-in-law killing her for the money, but the family members think she’s “laughing up at us from Hell” because nothing was left.

At the funeral scene in the video, Swift is referenced as an old woman in a painting, posing with, of course, a bunch of cats. It follows the traditional concept of a portrait resting by someone’s coffin, only Swift in present day hides inside hers, peaking out as her pretend family fights. (It also might be a reference to the long-held belief that she travels in suitcases to avoid paparazzi.)

Adding to the humor, Swift enlisted comedians John Early (Search Party, 30 Rock), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and Mike Birbiglia to play her children fighting over the will.

Watch Swift’s music video for “Anti-Hero” above. Continue scrolling for additional Swiftie reactions.

Midnights is out now via Republic. Buy/stream it here.