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A Texas Neighborhood Has Upped The Nerdom Ante With Its ‘Game Of Thrones’-Inspired Street Names

As House of the Dragon has proven over the past several weeks, Game of Thrones fever is still burning strong. And, now, comes word that a town in Texas has taken that fever to a whole new level by naming several of its streets after the hit HBO series. In 2020, a new subdivision in Hausman, Texas called Archer Oaks went ahead with its Game of Thrones theme even after the series finale did not get the warmest reception. Heck, even Maisie Williams has recently admitted that the show fell off, and her character, Arya Stark, had one of the better endings.

However, Archer Oaks remained undeterred and pulled the trigger on three street names: Westeros Path, Arya Way, and Needle Creek. Fittingly, the last two intersect each other as Arya famously carried her sword Needle throughout most of the series.

As for how you get to just name streets after badass dragon shows, it turns out the trick is making sure you weren’t beat to the punch in the same county. After that, fire away. Via MySA:

Isaac Gonzales, a consultant with Chesmar Homes, told MySA that the staff developing the subdivision are big fans of the series, which led the team to name several streets in honor of GOT. Ximena Copa-Wiggins, the public relations manager for the city’s development services, told MySA they don’t come up with names in subdivisions. Developers do have to check to see if their street names don’t duplicate others. In this case, she said no other streets in Bexar County were named like the ones in Archer Oaks.

Of course, the big question is whether there was a Daenerys Drive in the works only to be pulled after the finale hit when she went got all… genocide-y.

(Via MySA)