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‘House Of The Dragon’ Fans Are Ready For Rhaenyra To Get Her Revenge With ‘War Crimes’ In Season Two

Rhaenyra Targaryen had a no good, very bad day(s) during House of the Dragon’s season one finale.

Not only did the heir to the Iron Throne lose both her father and her unborn child in quick succession, but her half-brother Aegon usurped her crown, and her son Lucerys became a midnight snack for the biggest dragon in Westeros. So, yeah, The Realm’s Delight is not having a f*cking delightful time of things right now.

House of the Dragon

And sure, Emma D’Arcy more than earned their Emmy nomination in this episode with those loaded looks to camera and the powerful figure they cut, portraying the Black Queen as both a benevolent ruler trying to achieve peace for her people and a grieving mother ready to burn it all down if it means the Hightowers will also be amongst the ashes, but if you ask HOTD fans, they’d prefer she focus on the latter.

After the chaos and heartbreak of the season one finale, Twitter is firmly in Rhaenyra’s corner — even if that means committing a few war crimes to ensure a certain One-Eyed Prince and his overbearing mother get what’s coming to them.

In conclusion, Rhaenyra Targaryen has never done anything wrong in her life — but if she does do something wrong, HOTD fans will support that too.