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Ariel Elias, The Comic Who Got Beer Thrown At Her By A Trump Supporter, Made Her Network Debut On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Earlier this month, Jimmy Kimmel promised an up-and-coming comedian that he would grant her her late-night TV debut. That stand-up was Ariel Elias, and she more than earned the gig. Why? Because she got a beer can thrown at her by a Trump supporter during a set. She had the perfect reaction to the incident, and sure enough, Kimmel and his team came through.

On Monday night, Elias — who became the latest comic to be attacked on-stage, after Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle — strutted out on the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, after the host told the crowd to “not throw your beers,” of course. It was her network debut, and it gave the comic a chance to show off her stuff.

Elias talked growing up Jewish in Kentucky, where her progressive parents forbade her from dating anyone who wasn’t a member of the tribe. (“We live in Kentucky. My choices are my dad or my brother. That’s it. Which in Kentucky is fine. But they’re just not my type.”) She talked having low confidence and body issues. (“I got food poisoning one time, and my first thought when I got food poisoning was, I can’t wait to weigh myself.”) She talked about not being afraid to have kids in a world where they might suffer: “But I think kids should suffer.”

Elias was performing in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey in early October when the incident that got her the Kimmel gig happened. She was bantering with the audience, one of whom asked if she voted for Trump. Things escalated to the point where the woman said, “I can tell by your jokes that you voted for Biden.” Elias snapped back, “I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump.”

Seconds later, the woman’s husband chucked a beer can at her. Luckily he had bad aim. After recovering from the shock, Elias picked up the can and chugged what remained, earning applause from the crowd and, eventually online fame.

Kimmel was one of many who saw the clip, and after he complimented her timing, Elias shot her shot, asking to be on his show.

And now you can watch Elias perform on Kimmel in the video above.