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Fiona Apple Talks About Becoming A Court Watcher And Witnessing Breaches Of Constitutional Rights

Fiona Apple recently came out of hiding to join many musicians in retaliating against the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Her statement was resourceful, advocating for giving money to abortion funds and bail funds. Because she doesn’t have social media, she usually speaks through other people’s accounts.

Apple made another such message today. Through his account, civil rights attorney Scott Hechinger tweeted, “She’s become an avid, trained Court Watcher. Her observations helped people jailed pretrial file a civil rights lawsuit. Then came the retaliation. Shut off her access to court.” Along with this came a 10-minute video of Apple explaining the situation.

In the video, she talks about her observations of online court proceedings and the bigger problems of the system — like demeaning treatment of people and violations of constitutional rights — that she’s been witnessing within these specific cases. “How are we supposed to have our constitutional rights to observe these courts or help these people if we can’t hear?” she says. “And why did they take away this access right after this lawsuit was dropped? It really seems like they’re retaliating against us. And if they’re retaliating against us, I mean, man, what stupid asshole babies, huh?”

Watch the full video in the tweet below.