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Restauranteur Keith McNally Finally, At Long Last, Puts An End To The James Corden Saga, Probably (Maybe)

After roughly one billion years, give or take, the James Corden restaurant saga has seemingly reached its conclusion. We hope. We really, really hope. We just want to see our families!

In a new post on Instagram, Balthazar owner Keith McNally announced that he has re-lifted his ban on Corden after unbanning him and then banning him again since the whole thing started. It’s been a lot. However, this time, McNally seems to be finally over the whole ordeal and appreciative that Corden addressed the situation on Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show. Corden also issued an on-air apology, which was enough for McNally to call a truce.

Via Instagram:


Last Night on his TV show, James Corden very graciously apologized for his outburst at Balthazar. It takes a real man to do this. In the past, I’ve behaved much worse than Corden, but wasn’t man enough to apologize. For this reason, I’m going to lift the ban on Corden and impose one on myself instead. I’m going to ban myself from Balthazar for 2 weeks. People who live in Glass Houses…

After spending the past week quasi-apologizing and then playing down the situation in an interview with The New York Times, Corden took time out of his show on Monday to fully address the accusations about criticizing the service at Balthazar.

“It’s a comment I deeply regret,” Corden said. He later added, “I made a rude comment and it was wrong. It was an unnecessary comment. It was ungracious to the server.”

And thus ends The Great Restaurant War until another celebrity (and/or James Corden) acts up at a restaurant, which will probably happen. Let’s be real.

(Via Keith McNally on Instagram)