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Stray Kids Channel Their Inner Kingsman In A Cinematic Video For ‘Give Me Your TMI’

What’s exciting about a Stray Kids album promotion is the fact that Stay (their fans) get spoiled like it’s the 12 Days Of Christmas. The lead single of their EPs or studio albums isn’t the only thing getting a music video. Some of their own B-side tracks get the video treatment as well.

Dropping earlier today at midnight KST, Stray Kids goes from realizing how madly in love they are with someone in “Case 143” to curiously wanting to know more about their love interest in “Give Me Your TMI.” (For context, TMI is shortened for “too much information.” But in Korean lingo, it’s used as a phrase to get to know someone better by basically asking them what’s something, either personal or random, about them they haven’t told anyone.) Dressed like young James Bonds as if it were spinoff of The Kingsman: Secret Service (but better), Stray Kids’ “Give Me Your TMI” music video is a metaphorical visual telling the story of overcoming obstacles (check out the hi-tech watches, goggles and umbrellas) in order to get to know more about the person they’re interested in.

The B-side track off of the group’s MAXIDENT! album was written by Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han — best known as 3RACHA — and also co-composed by them with NEWTYPE’s TAK and 1Take.