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Taylor Swift’s New ‘Bejeweled’ Video Is A Sparkling ‘Cinderella’ Story With The Haim Sisters And Laura Dern

Taylor Swift has been going all-out with the release of her new album Midnightsthe merch is plentiful, the deluxe version is already out, and an “Anti-Hero” video arrived as well. Another video came today, this time for the song “Bejeweled.”

She announced the video during her appearance on The Tonight Show, telling Jimmy Fallon the idea behind the video: “Basically, I was thinking of midnights — the concept — and I was like, ‘Where do we hear about midnights a lot? We hear about it a lot when we talk about the Cinderella fairytale.’ So I was like, ‘What if we did a little twist on a Cinderella story and I could cast my friends, my best friends, the Haim sisters — what if they played the step sisters?’” And then she added that Laura Dern would be the stepmother.

She previously described the music videos as more than just videos. “Those projects are the ‘Midnights Music Movies,’ the music videos that I’ve made for this album to sort of explore visually the world of this record,” she said. “And I love storytelling. I love songwriting. I love writing videos. I love directing them. And this was a really fun opportunity to work again with the cinematographer Rina Yang, who was my collaborator on the All Too Well 10-minute short film.”

Watch the video above.