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Cat Enthusiast Taylor Swift Rattled Off An Astounding Number Of Different Breeds In Just 30 Seconds

Towards the end of Taylor Swift’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday (October 24), Swift and Fallon shift gears from discussing her new album, Midnights, to another one of Swift’s favorite subjects: cats. She is a proud owner and cat mom to three, Meredith, Olivia, and Benji. Swift had also noted in her NYU honorary graduation speech that the only way she would be needed as an actual doctor was if someone needed the names of a bunch of cat breeds.

“That was me committing an act of extreme hyperbole,” Swift jokes. “I’ can name fifty cats in five seconds.’ I was trying to make a joke. I don’t think I can actually do that.”

Still, Fallon wants to put her to the challenge of seeing how many cats she can name in thirty seconds. Swift delightfully accepts as the score counter appears in the video. “Scottish fold, ragdoll, ragamuffin,” she begins, rattling off several cat breeds in the process.

Towards the end, she appears to lose count and fumble slightly while still managing to find additional types of cats. “A black cat, a calico cat, a cat that knocks pens off of desks,” Swift finishes — reaching a grand total of 24 types.

Watch the relevant part of Swift’s Tonight Show interview. Fast-forward to 10:00 to see her cat challenge.