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Devin Booker Says Klay Thompson ‘Repeated Over And Over’ That He Has Four Rings Before He Got Ejected

Klay Thompson had a rough night on Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns. Beyond the fact that he struggled from the floor — he scored two points on 1-for-8 shooting and missed all five of his attempts from three — Thompson picked up a pair of technical fouls in quick succession during the third quarter while he was going back and forth with Devin Booker. It marked the first time in Thompson’s NBA career that he was ejected from a game.

Thanks to Booker, we know what, exactly, Thompson kept saying that led to him getting tossed. It turns out that Thompson repeatedly reminded Booker, who is working to win his first career NBA title, that the Warriors have won four championship rings.

“I love Klay Thompson, I have for a really long time, but that doesn’t excuse us from being competitive and talking to each other,” Booker said. “I’ve always admired his game, how he plays on both sides of the ball, and obviously, the rings speak for themself.”

Booker was then asked what got Thompson so riled up in their exchange.

“Having a tough night, I think everything plays into that,” Booker said. “It’s frustration, I’ve been there before, and you know what they have, they have the four rings, so they’re gonna use that in all the trash talk, rightfully so, respectfully. But that don’t have nothin’ to do with competing.”

Thompson “repeated over and over” that he has four rings, and Booker could not help but crack a smile when he told this to the media. Phoenix would end up winning the game, 134-105, behind a 34-point night from Booker.