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Casey Affleck Was Apparently Pretty Upset Over ‘Wicked Smart’ Not Being Credited To Him By A Worker In Boston

Casey Affleck is very proud of his work in Good Will Hunting, it seems. So much so that defending its honor is apparently worth taking issue an innocent employee at a Boston shop. According to TikTokker @JillyBees, who has since gone private on the social media app, the Affleck brother, who won an Oscar for his performance in Manchester by the Sea, thinks he should be credited for the phrase “wicked smart.”

“So the context for this is I work in a Boston tourist trap and we have these ‘wicked smart’ tees,” @JillyBees says at the beginning of her video, per Distractify. The TikTokker then describes the alleged incident. While working one day at a Boston “tourist trap,” a woman approached her and asked where the “wicket smart” T-shirts on sale originated. The employee said that it was just a joke about Boston accents and how Bostonians use the word wicked.

The woman’s boyfriend was unhappy with the answer. “No, I said it in a movie,” he allegedly said. When the woman with him said “Casey, stop,” to him, @JillyBees realized that the man was the actor Casey Affleck.

In Good Will Hunting, co-written by his brother Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Casey Affleck’s character says the phrase “my boy’s wicked smart,” in a heavy Boston accent at a bar. He’s referring to Damon’s character, Will Hunting, who is very smart. Various comments on the TikTok video suggested that the phrase “wicked smart” existed before Affleck said it in the film, including one user who recalls hearing it in “old SNL skits.”

“He was clearly very upset that we did not know who he was,” @JillyBees said toward the end of the video. Since sharing the encounter, @JillyBees has gone private on TikTok.

(Via Distractify)