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Jennifer Coolidge Recalls Once Being Held By Customs For Nine Hours (!) In An Airport

We, as a society, are all enjoying the Jennifer Coolidge renaissance that goes hand-in-hand with one of the best shows on television: The White Lotus. Of course, Coolidge has always been cool (it’s in her name), but her Emmy-worthy performances as of late are what really sets her apart from all of the others. Not only that, but everything Coolidge says sounds like it could be the plot of a mildly-infuriating Blumhouse horror movie. It’s annoying for her, but entertaining for the fans!

The latest Coolidge anecdote features everyone’s favorite place to be: customs at an international airport! Entertainment Weekly asked the cast of The White Lotus for their vacation horror stories, much like the vacation in the first season. The actress told the story of a time when she was traveling for work in London when she was held by security: “For some reason, it wouldn’t scan right, and next thing you know customs is calling me over,” Coolidge told EW. “Next thing you know, they’ve locked me up for nine hours in this little room.”

You’d think nine hours would be enough to break somebody’s spirit, but Coolidge kept it cool (obviously). She even remained calm when they came in after hour seven to ask if she wanted a snack. “Hour seven, they came in and said, ‘Would you like noodles or chips?’ I did opt for the potato chips over the noodles. It didn’t go well after that.”

She didn’t explain how it could have possibly gotten worse than that, but at least she didn’t have to scatter her mother’s ashes out at sea. Sometimes that’s all you need for a good vacation.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)