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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Hopping Mad At Ron DeSantis Over One Of The Florida Governor’s Signature Political Stunts

When Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott started flying migrants to liberal hot zones like Martha’s Vineyard and Kamala Harris’ house, Marjorie Taylor Greene thought it was good clean fun. In fact, she told a campaign crowd exactly that on Thursday because why wouldn’t Republicans get a kick out of some light human trafficking, but for a bit?

“Now, I know it makes great headlines on Fox News and we laugh and it’s funny when we see bus loads get dropped off like in Martha’s Vineyard,” Greene told the crowd. “We’re, like, ha ha ha. You know? Or we see them dropped off in front of Kamala Harris’ house and we’re like, oh, the border czar, should she care now?”

However, things took a turn when the migrants started showing up in Georgia, where Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to stay elected. This isn’t what she signed up for when she laughed hysterically at treating human beings as comedy props. Via Raw Story:

“I know Gov. DeSantis wants to do something about it but I disagree with sending them all over the country because we ended up with them getting off the bus and in Chattanooga in Dade County!”

Greene argued that the migrant stunts were backfiring on Republicans.

“In little bitty Dade County, our sheriff is up there having to deal with illegal immigrants just deciding to get off [the bus] and deciding to live in Dade County!” the exasperated lawmaker ranted.

And, yet, despite all of that, Greene couldn’t help but see the humor in treating people like Amazon packages dropped at the wrong house. “It’s kind of funny if you think about it,” she said after her rant.

(Via Raw Story)