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Michigan State Players Jumped A Michigan Player In The Tunnel After A 29-7 Loss

As has been the case for much of the 2022 season, Saturday night did not go particularly well for Michigan State as they got beat 29-7 by rival Michigan in the Big House, with the Wolverines scoring 26 unanswered points in the final three quarters of the game.

The Michigan State offense could only produce 252 total yards against Michigan, with just 48 of those coming in the second half as they fell to 3-5 on the season. While Michigan struggled to produce touchdowns in the red zone, they moved the ball at will on the Spartans and the game never really felt in doubt in the second half as the Wolverines steadily pulled away for a comfortable win.

However, while there wasn’t much in terms of competitive fight on the field in the second half, that didn’t stop there from being some extracurriculars in the tunnel after the game, as both teams share a tunnel at the Big House which can lead to some altercations. In this instance, one Michigan player found himself in the wrong area and got jumped by a group of Michigan State players, who punched and kicked at him until he eventually fled away.

It’s certainly not a good look for anyone, and while this video starts in the middle of the fracas it’s hard to imagine the Michigan player was, by himself, trying to start a fight with half the Michigan State team. This comes a week after Penn State coach James Franklin blamed Michigan’s tunnel setup for a halftime scuffle between the two teams, but in this case it feels more like Michigan State’s frustrations with the game boiled over in the worst possible way and one would think some suspensions might be coming for those on video doing the punching and kicking.