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A Georgia Preacher Devoted Part Of His Fiery Sunday Sermon To Roasting Herschel Walker

These are weird times, so weird that an ex-footballer prone to surreal gaffes and disturbing allegations may wind up in the Senate. The latest polls have Herschel Walker neck-and-neck with his opponent, incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. Warnock is a pastor; Walker is a former pro football player who has been accused by multiple women of pressuring them to get abortions (in addition to a host of other things). Incredibly, the latter is running on the Republican ticket. But that’s only inspired another pastor to sound the alarm.

This past Sunday, Jamal Bryant, pastor at the Atlanta-area Newbirth Missionary Baptist, used part of his sermon to go off on Walker, who he accused of being manipulated by the GOP, effectively accusing him of being used him as a puppet.

“Ladies and gentlemen, when the Republican Party of Georgia moved Herschel Walker from Texas to Georgia so that he could run for Senate, it’s because change was taken too fast in the post-Antebellum South,” Bryant charged. He was just getting started:

“They thought we was so slow, that we was so stupid, that we would elect the lowest caricature of a stereotypical, broken Black man…. Since Herschel Walker was 16 years old, white men been telling him what to do, telling him what school to go to, where to live… where to pay for abortions, where to buy a gun, and you think they not gon’ tell him how to vote? In 2022, we don’t need a Walker, we need a runner. We need somebody to run and tell the truth about Jan. 6…. Georgia, I need you to know, the slave Negro y’all are used to don’t live here no more. We can think for ourselves, function for ourselves, and vote for ourselves!”

Video of Bryant’s fiery sermon went viral.

Walker has run one of the most chaotic congressional campaigns of the year, arguably wilder than the ones between Dr. Oz and John Fetterman, J.D. Vance and Tim Ryan, and Kari Lake and her inability to do a Zoom interview that’s not in “Portrait” mode. Walker brandishing a souvenir police badge mid-debate isn’t even in the Top 10 weirdest things during his run. The midterm elections are still a week-and-change away, which means not only more potential bombshells about Walker but also several more avalanches of frantic fundraising emails clogging your inbox.

(Via The Daily Beast)