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Joe Rogan And Dr. Phil Got Fact-Checked In Real-Time About The Bogus ‘Fentanyl In Halloween Candy’ Story

Joe Rogan continued to prove that there isn’t a widely debunked hoax he won’t fall for every time. On this particular occassion, he joined forces with Dr. Phil to spread hysteria over reports of rainbow colored fentanyl being confused for Halloween candy. For the record, these reports were debunked back in September, but that didn’t stop Rogan and Dr. Phil from repeating the concerns. The two went on a rant about how they only trust candy they personally bought their kids from the store before one of Rogan’s producers flagged him down with a fact check. Whoops.

Via Mediaite:

“‘Drug policy experts contacted by NPR agree there’s no new fentanyl threat this Halloween. Many are also skeptical of the DEA’s original warning. They don’t believe Mexican drug cartels and street dealers have launched any new campaign targeting children,’” Rogan read.

Did that stop the two of them? Hahaha no. Dr. Phil continued to argue that the issue isn’t so much targeting kids as them maybe accidentally picking up super expensive fentanyl pills that just happen to be lying around, which again is not a thing that’s happening.

“I’m not saying they’re targeting, I don’t care if you use the word targeting or not, it’s dangerous. And I’m just saying — you know, my grandkids, they won’t be getting any candy out of that and it’s not that anywhere they’re going is gonna be dangerous, giving out fentanyl to kids. It’s just they don’t know where they’re it’s coming from,” Dr. Phil said.

“You’re not getting it from a store,” Rogan chimed in completely ignoring the fact check he just read moments ago.

(Via Mediaite)