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John Oliver Took A Swipe At Tom Brady Before Dragging The NYPD (And Somehow… Kristen Stewart?)

John Oliver kicked off Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with a swipe at Tom Brady before dropping a very random drive-by on Kristen Stewart while going deep on bail reform. It all went down as Oliver did his best to recap a very busy week that included everything from “from massive protests still ongoing in Iran to the fact that Tom Brady suddenly has one less ring.” It was a notable jab at the news of Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bundchen following weeks of speculation about the state of their marriage after he reversed his retirement decision and came back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season, which is also going disastrously.

Oliver then moved things to the much more serious topic of bail reform. Republicans have been citing as the cause of “crime waves.” The late night host specifically went after New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea trotting out the tired talking point. However, Oliver also worked in a random dig at Kristen Stewart. It truly came out of left field. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“Well, which is it, Dermot? Are the numbers not dramatic, or is bail reform 100 percent leading to more shootings? Because those things are mutually exclusive. The only place where ‘not dramatic’ and ‘100 percent’ can exist at the same time is in Kristen Stewart’s whole general vibe. She’s giving it her all, but she’s also giving us absolutely nothing. It’s totally amazing.”

Fortunately, Oliver smoothed things over by firing a shot at a much more deserving topic: Elon Musk. While highlighting a bail system in Florida that was falsely flagging Black defendants as future criminals, Oliver brought up the new CEO of Twitter.

“It was basically a racist computer,” Oliver said, “which I realize is probably Elon Musk’s next billion-dollar idea.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)